From an idea, to prototype, to mass manufacturing of stainless steel surgical and dental instruments, CHROME SURGICAL provides one stop solutions for all your needs.

Common and General Surgical Instruments


Here at CHROME SURGICAL, we totally understand that common and General instrumentation for routine surgical needs must meet the same quality standard as all instruments. Our general scissors, needle holders, forceps, and retractors are forged from the highest grades of surgical stainless steel and expertly crafted to perform as required and to ensure the highest quality and impeccable functionality. Instruments are fully guaranteed for the quality of material and workmanship and has been subjected to an established quality control process that consists of a comprehensive product inspection that verifies the form, fit, and function of all the instruments.

The Stainless-steel grade varies by manufacturer and by type of instrument. The grade selected for specific instruments is critical for its period of use. The grade of steel reflects its hardness and its resistance to corrosion. Therefore, we use the finest stainless steel to manufacture our instruments so that we could obtain optimum corrosion resistance, resilience and strength for our customers satisfaction. We only use our trusted suppliers for materials and is fully inspected prior moving it in production for instrumentation.

Premium Instruments

Our general instruments are fully complemented by an extensive selection of Premium instrumentation for all surgical specialties. Whether for in-office dermatological procedures or cardiovascular surgery in the OR, Chrome Surgical can meet the full range of instrument needs for all surgical settings; including office-based surgery, outpatient surgery or that performed in the hospital operating room.

Our Premium Instruments popular patterns have been enhanced to afford additional clinical as well as economic benefit to the clinician. Our Tungsten Carbide jaws and scissor blades, Supercut and Chrome Dura ceramic scissors, Chrome Dura needle holders, Chrome Lite Instruments and a wide selection of delicate instrument patterns provides Premium instrumentation for demanding surgical requirements. All our premium instruments are fully traceable and have been closely inspected as well as recorded details to achieve ever close tolerances throughout their production process. Chrome Surgical looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the field of instruments manufacturing. Working with some of the world’s renowned manufacturers, we develop bespoke instruments and off-course these individually engineered products are naturally only made available to the customer that commissioned them. Or if you already have a finished design of your own, we are the ideal partner here too: We will draw up a quotation based on the customer drawing and produce the relevant instrument if required.

Premium Instruments