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surgical tools
surgical tools


The company realizes that quality and performance are paramount and have a policy of continuous development.

Chrome Surgical was originally founded as Huxley Trading Co, in Sialkot, Pakistan in 1989 by Mr. Amjad Javed as a Pivots manufacturing company Commonly used in the assembly of surgical Instruments and Bone instruments. Encouraged by the success of manufacturing, in 1993 Mr. Amjad Javed then started manufacturing medical and dental instruments to offer high-quality instruments to professionals and surgeons around the globe later Known as Chrome Surgical ltd.

Our Slogan “Passion for perfection” has led us to Provide quality instruments with precision and performance. We manufacture all our instruments according to our precision standard in finely coordinated forms and measures…


From an idea, to prototype, to mass manufacturing of stainless steel surgical and dental instruments, CHROME SURGICAL provides one stop solutions for all your needs.

Here at CHROME SURGICAL, we totally understand that common and General instrumentation for routine surgical needs must meet the same quality standard as all instruments. Our general scissors, needle holders, forceps, and retractors are forged from the highest grades of surgical stainless steel and expertly crafted to perform as required and to ensure the highest quality and impeccable functionality. Instruments are fully guaranteed for the quality of material and workmanship and has been subjected to an established quality control process that consists of a comprehensive product inspection that verifies the form, fit, and function of all the instruments.



We believe that quality, precision and perfection cannot simply be achieved without having passion in your profession.

Chrome Surgical offers a complete line of Dental Instruments.  Our instruments are made of the finest quality grade stainless steel. Our products are the result of more than more than 25 years of experience in development and manufacturing of instruments. It is our incentive to offer just highest quality at an affordable cost. Time savings, the optimization of treatment results and cost savings because of our long lasting and superior materials are the few benefits of using our products.


CHROME Instruments runs through a high over the norms point-based quality control.

In this quality control, specific details are balanced with the respective type of instrument as well as controlled exactly according to demands of the correspondent quality standards of professional surgeons and private companies.

We believe that quality engineering produces confidence for professionals who rely on Chrome Surgical instruments. Each instrument is thoughtfully designed and produced using leading technology, hand-finished craftsmanship, and coatings, which include medical-grade stainless steel, Tungsten Carbide, and titanium alloys followed up by the industry’s important quality guidelines. These premium materials are expressly identified and purposed for each tool’s optimum performance.



In the process of caring for patients, the healthcare industry takes its toll on the environment. Not only does our industry consume significant natural resources, such as energy and water, but it also generates tons of landfill waste.

To keep people and the planet safe and healthy, we’re committed to building a future where healthcare operates more sustainably.